Below you can find the open activities that we have planned. If you have any questions you can visit our Instagram page.


Analog Development Workshop

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Ever wanted to use the science of chemistry to create your photos? With analog photography you can! Early October we will turn the DM studio into our own darkroom to develop analog photos. In this workshop you will learn everything there is to know to develop your own analog pictures! If you picked up a...Continue Reading "Analog Development Workshop"

Studio Workshop (members only)

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

We’re a few weeks in the academic year, this means new members and another opportunity to follow both the studio workshop and the Blackmagic workshop. If you want to use the studio on your own or borrow some equipment. You must follow the studio workshop. This workshop is only given twice a year, so make...Continue Reading "Studio Workshop (members only)"

Dekate Mousa CoBo (members only)

Hubble Community Café De Lampendriessen 31-05, Eindhoven

As 53rd board, “Fool’s Focus”, it is our honour and great pleasure to invite you to our Constitution Drink! The drink will take place on 24 October 20:00 in Hubble Community Cafe Eindhoven. You are welcome to bring your own drink, but we will also offer the first drink for free. To help make sure...Continue Reading "Dekate Mousa CoBo (members only)"

Movie Night with Scala

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

The movie nights are back as well! And this time bigger than ever. Since we want to help as many people as possible relax during the stressful times that are the exam weeks, we have decided to organize Scala-wide movie nights. So people from all culture associations are invited! What’s more? This time around you...Continue Reading "Movie Night with Scala"