Visiting Address *

  • TU/e campus, Luna
  • Gebouwnummer 31
  • De Lampendriessen 31
  • 5612 AH Eindhoven

Mailing Address

  • Box nr. 10
  • TU/e Luna de Plint
  • Postbus 513
  • 5600 MB Eindhoven

*We have our own studio in Luna on the TU/e campus, which we also use as our office. In order to get to the studio you need an authorized campus card. If you’re not a member of our association or another cultural association in Eindhoven yet, please contact us in advance so we can let you in to join an activity!

Social media

We post mostly on Instagram, but you can also check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

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If you’re interested in joining an activity or if you have any questions about the association, you can fill out the following form.