DM Weekend

The yearly weekend trips we make with DM always turn out to be one of the most exciting events of all year! The DM weekend is a weekend where we get a break from the regular scenery in Eindhoven and take some cars – filled to the brink with awesome photography gear – and travel to another place. Whether it is in another city or in the middle of nowhere, as long as you are with your fellow DM members it is bound to be fun! It’s full of exciting new things to try out and gorgeous places to visit!
As an example: a single day may start out with taking pictures of a model, doing some analog shooting in a nearby city and finish up with drinking beer while taking pictures of the stars!

Open Culture Week

Every year at the start of the academic year the Open Culture Week is organized. During this week all cultural associations in Eindhoven open their doors and organize activities. Of course Dekate Mousa takes a part in this too, by organizing events from Monday until Thursday. We offer workshops about analog photography, organise long exposure photoshoots and much, much more…