Our History

Since 1961, Dekate Mousa, fully written “Eindhovense Studenten Film en Fotovereniging Dekate Mousa”, is a student association for all students in Eindhoven with a passion for photography or film/video; from beginner to pro.

The name of Dekate Mousa has a Greek origin and can be translated as “the Tenth Muse”. It refers to the nine muses of Greek mythology, the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts.

In 1960, E.S.F.F. Dekate Mousa (DM in short) was founded by film amateurs who were members of the student association Eindhoven Studenten Corps (ESC). The movies that they produced were watched by many other students, but only in private circles because these movies were not consistent with the moral (catholic) standards of the time. In 1966 they decided to start the production of “Boter, kaas en eieren” (i.e.“Tic-Tac-Toe”), a movie starring a garage owner whose name was James Klont who’s intention was to make a persiflage on the popular James Bond movies.

The Present

Now, we organize workshops, talks, and activities focused on abstract, architecture, analog, landscapes, portraits, theatre photography, and more. We also entertain, train, and inspire our members with trips, social drinks, feedback sessions, and other activities. Since DM is a culturally oriented association, it’s part of umbrella association Scala, which represents the student culture of Eindhoven. Finally, Dekate Mousa provides affordable and professional photo shoots for the other student associations and for clients outside the TU/e.