For a few years now the Activity Committee has been working hard on creating and organising a wide variety of activities. The activities are a big part of our association, as it allows our members to get together, socialize and improve their photography/videography skills. From workshops and lectures to social evenings, the AC can organise it all. If you want to improve your organization skills or want to share your ideas for activities, come and join the AC!


The PR committee is all about how we show our awesome association to the world! Whether it’s through posters, flyers, stickers or social media, the PR commitee knows how to present the image of DM. If you like designing things, managing socials or just thinking about how we can increase our reach, this is the committee for you.


At this committee new merchandise from Dekate Mousa is made. Shirts, hoodies, raincoats and much more. In this committee we come up with cool and unique designs that represent our association in a fun and aesthetic way. Come join this committee and help our members go to their next shoot in style!


Every year Dekate Mousa organises an Exhibition to show the community what we can do. In this committee we come up with a theme, edit the photos and make it ready to go to the printer as well as hosting the opening of the exhibition. If you want to manage a gallery filled with the wondeful work of our members, then you should join this committee!

Film Jam

Film Jam Eindhoven is an annual film festival organized by Dekate Mousa and Doppio, where film enthusiasts collaborate and compete to make a movie within 48 hours. The committee takes care of the organization and is a great way to get to know people from Doppio as well!


Every year the weekend committee organises a weekend full of photography and fun. Each year the weekend has a different theme. In this committee you can help organise a weekend and see what it takes to organise weekends for a large group of people. Find a nice location, plan fun activities and make sure everyone has a good time!

Luna Festival

Each year Scala, the cultural umbrella association, organises the Luna Festival with all the cultural associations. Each association brings something to the table, which results in an evening filled to the brim with culture and fun!


The intro committee represents Dekate Mousa during the introduction week in September. At the introduction week we try to get as many people as possible to know Dekate Mousa and get new members who are interested in film or photography.


The GAS, or Gear Acquisition Committee, manages the plans for new camera’s, lenses and other equipment that is available in our studio. This committee looks for new equipment to buy so that our members always have the right tool for the job during a shoot or activity.


Once every 5 years Dekate Mousa celebrates its Lustrum. This committee organises Lustrum activities as well as making merch and hosting an exhibition.


The BeunCo is the building committee. This committee makes contraptions to aid in photography or repairs current equipment. If you like fixing things and are good at it too, this committee can use your help!


The Stehven committee shoots events that are sponsored by Stehven. In this committee you can improve your skills in event photography by coming along with an experienced photographer to an event and receiving feedback on your result.