Every year we organize an exhibition to show the world what we are doing and what we have to offer. Here follows an overview of our exhibitions of the last years.

Coming Up: Capturing Movement


Our largest exhibition yet is coming! This years theme: Capturing Movement! From November 21st until December 1st you can visit TU/e Atlas North and let yourself get captivated by wonderful pictures displaying all sorts of movement. Made by our very own members, and each of them created their own vision on movement. Movement is everywhere, whether it is big or small. This edition of our exhibition shows how one can create unison by putting all sorts of movement together.

Lustrum Exhibition


For 60 years, ESFF Dekate Mousa (DM) has been enriching the student life of those interested in photography and filmmaking in Eindhoven. To celebrate this, in our 12th lustrum year, we displayed our members’ work of 2021-2022 during the lustrum exhibition at the CKE.

The lustrum exhibition revolves around the lustrum year of the association. Various topics, related to activities that have taken place during the year, and diverse challenging themes are included. This varies from underwater photography to capturing our city, and from bokeh to steel wool spinning. The accessible exhibition invites every visitor to come by and engage in conversations about the photos.

The Blueprint


To celebrate the 12th Lustrum, a large lustrum stunt was important; with the stunt we wanted to both cooperate with as many student associations in Eindhoven as possible and show all students what we as an association do. To do this, we cooperated with 16 associations to create the world’s largest Cyanotype; a cyanotype of 300 m2! A cyanotype, also known as a blueprint, is an old printing technique which gives a beautiful blue print after it comes in contact with light.

Our lustrum committee created the blueprint, including all the structures and mechanisms to apply the chemicals, develop the blueprint and to store the final product from scratch. In march, the full blueprint was laid out on the Groene loper for the entire university to see.

Reflecting on Campus Quarantine


Corona has had much impact on life and work on campus. In this exhibition we reflect on the changes in a number of triages.

Reflections of the Past


An exhibition in honour of the first century of Eindhoven. In 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Eindhoven as we currently know it: the unification of Eindhoven, Gestel, Stratum, Strijp and Tongelre to Eindhoven. In thos 100 years, the city has gone through a lot of change. New buildings have been bults, and old ones have been demolished or removed. We have tried to capture this development of our beautiful city in thirteen images.

James Klont


‘Boter, Kaas en Eieren’ starring ‘Special agent 4711, licensed to smell’,  the one and only, namely James Klont! Besides being a real lady-killer, it is his job to stop an evil organization who are out to get the National Aviation Laboratory, or the THE (formerly known as the TU/e).

“It immediately turned out that our assumption, to record the film in a couple of weeks, was an illusion.”

Eventually, more than three years were needed to make sure that the James Bond Parody, completely shot on 8mm film, could premiere in 1969. Now, almost 50 years later the film is fully digitalized and revised. Ready for a new showing on the big screen, the film premiered on the 12th of October 2018.

During an assignment given by the Secret Service, James Klont faces all kinds of things. From a slightly mad researcher who dances the tango with one of his female assistants between bleeping oscilloscopes to a firefight on the THE-site in which 25 soldiers and the ‘bad guys’ are involved. And finally, let us not forget the perfectly captured love scene with the secretary in which our hero undresses.

Our story. Told in colours.


In 2017 we searched through our archives to set up an exhibition. We divided it into four sections, defined by the four different logos DM has had: Black and White, Black and Yellow, Blue and White, and Black and White.
Furthermore, we sorted the works by their predominant colour. Moreover, black & white images have been sorted by the time period they were shot in.

All works shown in this exhibition are shot by DM members. It is a collection of the best works in our archives and it includes previously displayed work. Unfortunately, we were not able to trace back the photographers, so we left out the names and titles of the images.
Thus, interpretation of the images is all up to the beholder.