Of course we have a hardworking board that organizes all kinds of activities and events and is always aiming to improve the association. Currently the board consists of three members: Ferdy van Brussel, Vivek Narayanan and Richard van de Ketterij.

Ferdy van Brussel

One of my reasons to become board was to get familiar with managing a business, as leading an association could almost be compared as if it were a business. Not only this, but also the dynamic atmosphere and to be part of the driving force behind an association were motivating me to become board.

Especially this last part is one of the things I like most about being board. The fact that you are in charge of organizing activities and can be easily in touch with the members and other associations is one of these aspects that drive me to do this job.

Vivek Narayanan

Aller aller aller live mensen, I am Vivek and I am the Treasurer at Dekate Mousa for the year 2018-2019. I study electrical engineering at TU/e and I will be graduating soon. I’ve been a member at Dekate Mousa since 2017 and I had zero experience in the art of photography or a digital camera. All that mattered was the passion for the art.

Immediately after the open culture week I knew DM is an association that would have a special place in my heart. The association is filled with wonderful and caring people and this is an association that makes everyone feel welcome irrespective of if you are Dutch or an international.

Every Tuesday we strive organise amazing and fun activities for all members and in return we hope that you get to take away a bit of knowledge with you. At DM its not all about photography, we almost always end up in the hubble having a beer after the activity discussing the hilarious life decisions we take.

Richard van de Ketterij

My name is Richard van de Ketterij and I am the secretary of Dekate Mousa.

I am a member for 2 years now and this year I decided to become board of DM. It felt like I could do something more for the association and help DM by becoming the secretary.

Besides that I learn more every week myself, I love to see other people sharing their hobby, learning new things and giving them opportunities to grow by giving members the tools and knowledge they need! I really like being board of DM and I will keep doing my best to get the full potential out of DM and its members!