Of course we have a hardworking board that organizes all kinds of activities and events and is always aiming to improve the association. Currently the board consists of four members: Treasurer: Miroslaw Faes,
Secretary: Marinus Leeuwerik, Chairman: Ivo van der Peet and Public relations: Robin van Steen.

Miroslaw Faes

My name is Miroslaw Faes and I will be your Treasurer this year. I joined directly Dekate Mousa after my intro of Mechanical engineering which I started three years ago because of my passion in photography. My passion for photography comes from my dad who is a semi-professional photographer himself. My main interest in photography is analog photography of which mainly DIY film making and experimental photography. I strive to make it possible for anyone to have the opportunity to make his own film and making payments in time.

Marinus Leeuwerik

My name is Marinus Leeuwerik and I’ve become the secretary of DM. I’ve had a camera for a while but didn’t really know how to use it, and then I found out about DM last year. I joined immediately and became an active member, and I felt like giving back to the association. So I had decided to become a board member.
I strive to improve relations with other associations in the building, and across Eindhoven, and to simplify certain administrative jobs.

Ivo van der Peet

My name is Ivo van der Peet, and as of Tuesday the 24th of september I am the Chairman of ESFF Dekate Mousa. As a quick introduction, I am 20 years old, I’m from Eindhoven originally, and I’m a second year Mechanical Engineering student.

Robin van Steen

Hello guys, my name is Robin van Steen and I am the commissioner PR of the board this year. I am a third year student, studying the built environment and a second year member at DM. I have had a passion for photography for a long time and used to steal my mothers camera all the time. 
My main interest in photography is still pretty wide, I started with a lot of long exposure but now I like all kinds of photography. My goal in photography is to capture memories and I also love the creative process of creating a very impressive photo. 
My goal during this year is to get more people enthusiastic about photography and also increase the amount of people that know about DM!