Our board is always hard at work, keeping the association running by organizing activities and starting new initiatives. The board consists of three members: Niek Gorissen (chair), Colin van Erp (secretary) and Luuk Stavenuiter (treasurer).

Chair: Niek Gorissen

Heyhey! My name is Niek, and I am the chairman of the 53rd board. I am a first years master ME student specialising in the Control Systems Technology direction. Over the past years, I have thoroughly enjoyed photography within Dekate Mousa and am happy to be able to bring this to others. My start to photography came underwater, when learning how to photograph the underwater life during my scuba dives. Through the association, I am happy to have learnt about many other types of photography. Outside of photography you may also hear me talk about cycling, which I tend to do on my off-time.

Secretary: Colin van Erp

Heya, it’s me Colin. Secretary of Dekate Mousa’s 53rd board; Fools Focus. As a 2nd year bachelor film student Dekate Mousa is the perfect fit for me to be. I’m studying at the Dutch Filmers Academy, which is, what not many people know, Pretty close to Luna. My student job at the moment is being a nightlife Photographer, you can mainly find me on Stratumseind but occasionally you can find me in other city’s in Brabant shooting pictures of the nightlife. I’m up for any challenge film related. That’s why I’m an active member of the 48hr film community and big filmjam fan. In my spare time I’m probably editing either pictures or video. It’s not like I know what I’m doing but I like to think I am!

Treasurer: Luuk Stavenuiter

Hello everybody! My name is Luuk and I will serve as your treasurer this year. I am a master graduate Industrial Design and I have only become a member of DM last year while I was graduating. Nevertheless, I am very happy to be part of this year’s board and I hope to make it another great year for DM. I got introduced to photography and videography through my studies, where I had to make product pictures and videos. This caught my interest and made me join DM. And before I knew I already had my first camera, trying all sorts of different styles of photography. Next to that I am an active hockey player and board game enthousiast. I am looking forward to organising activities you will never forget!

Previous boards

52nd board ‘Ocean’s 52: Eyes on the Prize
Chairman: Beau Albersnagel
Secretary: Ariadna Masot Llima
Treasurer: Pim-Pepijn Terpstra
Commissioner PR: Lars van Kleef
Commissioner ER: Gabriel Walenberg

51st board ‘Shooting for the Stars’
Chairman: Daphne Dorrestijn
Secretary: Levi Baruch
Treasurer: Duncan Kroot
Commissioner PR: Nimo Beeren

50th board ‘Kodachrome’
Chairman: Levi Baruch
Secretary: Sem Jordaan
Treasurer: Alesander Tamar Aydin
Commissioner PR: Evan Broeren

49th board ‘De Keet Mouse’
Chairman: Ivo van der Peet
Secretary: Marinus van Leeuwerik
Treasurer: Miroslaw Faes
Commissioner PR: Robin van Steen

48th board
Chairman: Ferdy van Brussel
Secretary: Richard van de Ketterij
Treasurer: Vivek Narajan Sekhar