Below you can find the open activities that we have planned. If you have any questions you can visit our Instagram page.


Studio workshop (members only)

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Tuesday the 14th we will give this year’s first studio workshop! During this workshop, you will learn how to properly use our studio and its equipment. We will teach you how to use flashlights, umbrellas, triggers and some possibilities on how to light the studio. As you might know, the studio can also be rented...Continue Reading "Studio workshop (members only)"

Photo speeddating

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On the 21st of March we will organize a photo speeddate activity. For this activity you need to subscribe and submit 5 photos in order to participate. These photos will be printed and handed out to you at the activity. During the activity you will sit opposite to another member where you will talk together...Continue Reading "Photo speeddating"

Dance videography with Footloose

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Do you like dancing or videography? During this activity we got them both! In this collab with Footloose you can either choose to dance an awesome choreo taught by a dance teacher or to film the dance. Ky-Anh, and old member of Footloose, will give tips to the filmers to make the best interaction between camera...Continue Reading "Dance videography with Footloose"

Biljart 🎱

Stationsplein 2-A, Eindhoven Stationsplein 2a, Eindhoven

As DM we are mostly focused on photography and videography, but most of us are also here for the social aspect of the association. During this activity, we will primarily focus on that! Especially right before the exam weeks, it might be nice to give yourself a small break and socialize 🥳. 🎱”DM pooling game”,...Continue Reading "Biljart 🎱"

Movienight: Parasite

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On Tuesday 11th of April, we have the film night. First, we will watch some amazing DM short film productions (from Film Jam and the results of the dance videography). Then for the main movie, we will be watching Parasite! This movie starts off when Ki-Woo who is from a poor family in Seoul, starts...Continue Reading "Movienight: Parasite"

Album Cover Photography with SJ

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

A hot new collab just dropped! Have you ever wanted to take pictures of cool bands for their albums? On the 25th of April (extra early, at 18:30) we will be meeting with the amazing bands from Studentproof Jazz for an Album Cover Photography activity. Each band will send their album in advance so we can listen...Continue Reading "Album Cover Photography with SJ"

Cocktail Photography with Hubble

Hubble Community Café De Lampendriessen 31-05, Eindhoven

During the first activity of the month we will be making beautiful pictures of cocktails and other drinks (beers & sodas). We are collaborating together with Hubble to make some beautiful stock photos for them (with your credits ofcourse) while drinking them after it for free!😲 We will bring some props to let your creative...Continue Reading "Cocktail Photography with Hubble"

Exotic Lenses

Atlas 4.225

With lenses being at the core of photography, we thought why not make an entire activity dedicated to them! Most of you will know about aperture, focal length and sharpness, but there is a lot more aspects that make a lens. In this activity you will learn more about these flaws and after that, there...Continue Reading "Exotic Lenses"

Lighting Workshop

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Are you passionate about mastering the art of lighting in photography, and perhaps have followed the studio basic course, but are not sure where or how to continue from there? Then this activity is perfect for you! During this activity, led by Tim Meijer, who has a lot of experience in studio lighting, we will...Continue Reading "Lighting Workshop"