Below you can find the open activities that we have planned. If you have any questions you can visit our Instagram page.


OCW: 3-hour Short Film

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

A short film activity! Now packed into 3 hours! in these 3 hours you’ll be making a 1-3 minute short film in a group. starting with some conditions to guide you. You’ll be making a script, shoot a few scenes and edit it all together. You can bring your own camera and video related equipment....Continue Reading "OCW: 3-hour Short Film"

OCW: Picture Hunt

In Front of Luna De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

To end the OCW, we will organize a picture hunt. Wander the university campus to find the necessary images to complete your challenges. Team up with others to make the most creative pictures out there. The challenge starts in front of the Luna building. Bring your camera if you have one. Don’t have one? No...Continue Reading "OCW: Picture Hunt"


Luna 1.240

In traditional semi-biannual fashion, a General Members Meeting will take place. This is thé meeting to submit your input about the association. The new board, Niek, Luuk, Colin and Eddy, present their plans for the upcoming years, as well as the financials. The committees will present their progress over the past year, as well as...Continue Reading "GMM"

Green Screen Activity

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

To close off the month of September, we will organize a greenscreen activity. With this activity we will delve into one of the most well-known techniques used in film and try to (re)create some interesting scenes with the use of the DM green screen. You will get the change to both record and edit some...Continue Reading "Green Screen Activity"

Analog Development Workshop

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Ever wanted to use the science of chemistry to create your photos? With analog photography you can! Early October we will turn the DM studio into our own darkroom to develop analog photos. In this workshop you will learn everything there is to know to develop your own analog pictures! If you picked up a...Continue Reading "Analog Development Workshop"

Studio Workshop (members only)

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

We’re a few weeks in the academic year, this means new members and another opportunity to follow both the studio workshop and the Blackmagic workshop. If you want to use the studio on your own or borrow some equipment. You must follow the studio workshop. This workshop is only given twice a year, so make...Continue Reading "Studio Workshop (members only)"

Product Videography

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

For this activity, we will delve into the world of merketing as we try to make the most appealing product video's possible. What product will we be filming? Well it can be anything. With the power of editing you can make the most mundane object look amazing. During this activity you will learn some tips...Continue Reading "Product Videography"

Movie Night with Scala

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Due to some scheduling issues, we have postponed the movie night to the second week of the exam weeks. So it will be held on the 7th of November rather than October 31st. Don't worry, we will still keep the Halloween theme! Hope to see many of you there! The movie nights are back! And...Continue Reading "Movie Night with Scala"

GLOW Tour (Open)

In Front of Luna De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

The annual festival of light is coming to Eindhoven once again. From the 11th to the 18th of November, Eindhoven will be filled with the most beautiful light art. And with a theme like “The Beat” there is bound to be some amazing sound as well. This event is always a wonderful opportunity to take...Continue Reading "GLOW Tour (Open)"

Dekate Mousa CoBo (Members only)

Hubble Community Café De Lampendriessen 31-05, Eindhoven

As 53rd board, “Fool’s Focus”, it is our honour and great pleasure to re-invite you to our Constitution Drink! The drink will take place on 21 November 20:00 in Hubble Community Cafe Eindhoven. The drink was moved so this is your extra-good opportunity to join us! You are welcome to bring your own drink, but...Continue Reading "Dekate Mousa CoBo (Members only)"

Dekate Mousa Exhibition Tour (Open)

Atlas Ground Floor Het Eeuwsel 53, Eindhoven

The art of photography can be confusing, and sometimes ambiguous, what did the artist mean, why did they catch that frame why that color, so on so forth. We get it, that's why, with the DM exhibition coming up, we will guide you through the exhibition answering your questions and clearing the air on what...Continue Reading "Dekate Mousa Exhibition Tour (Open)"