About the Exhibition

For 60 years ESFF Dekate Mousa (DM) has been enriching the student life of those interested in photography and filmmaking in Eindhoven. To celebrate this, in our 12th lustrum year, we are displaying our members’ work of 2021-2022 during the lustrum exhibition at the CKE. Address: Pastoor Petersstraat 180, 5612 LW Eindhoven. From June 7th until June 25th, the exhibition can be visited daily, free-of-charge.

The lustrum exhibition revolves around the lustrum year of the association. Various topics, related to activities that have taken place during the year, and diverse challenging themes are included. This varies from underwater photography to capturing our city, and from bokeh to steel wool spinning. The accessible exhibition invites every visitor to come by and engage in conversations about the photos.

On Tuesday June 7 at 20:00 the official opening takes place at the CKE. During this evening, there are several speakers invited to share more about the exhibition and photography. There will also be the opportunity for visitors to take a guided tour.

Dekate Mousa invites everyone who is interested for both the opening night and the exhibition!

Guided tours by members

If you are curious to know more about the exhibition and association, sign up for one of our guided tours! Meet one of our members and find out what inspired our photographers. The tours are in English, unless the guide and all participants speak Dutch.

The timeslots of the guided tours are:

  • Sat 11 June – 11.00-12.00
  • Wed 15 June – 20.00-21.00
  • Wed 22 June – 20.00-21.00
  • Sat 25 June – 11.00-12.00

Please sign up for the tours via this link.

In case we have fewer than 3 participants per tour, the tour is cancelled 24 hours beforehand, which will be communicated to you via email. In case a timeslot reaches more than 10 participants, the timeslot is closed and we don’t take any more sign-ups for that time slot

About DM

Dekate Mousa (DM) is the student film and photography association of Eindhoven. Every Tuesday evening, our members gather for a large variety of activities: ranging from workshops to feedback sessions and from lectures to analogue photography. Our members can improve their skills independently in our own photo studio at the TU/e campus and the association offers many assignments for each level of photographer. The yearly weekend trip is always a success, with activities such as astro and wildlife photography. We regularly take on large projects such as making a short film, a world record attempt for the largest blueprint and the organisation of exhibitions.