Activity List


Below you can find the open activities that we have planned. If you have any questions you can visit our Instagram page.

Street Photography (OCW)

18 Septemberplein

This activity is all about street photography! Although the name is somewhat misleading in a way because we’re not going to take pictures of the pavement but of things on the street. Street photography is easy to pick up yet sometimes hard to execute training in photography. However, very interesting for beginning photographers and the...Continue Reading "Street Photography (OCW)"

Double Exposure Workshop

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

The idea of double exposure comes from analog photography, where you basically take two pictures without moving the film. This way the two image will be overlayed, which can create a very interesting, confusing or dreamy effect. Even if you shoot digital, the same effect can be simulated using Photoshop. On this evening, we will...Continue Reading "Double Exposure Workshop"

Time/Hyperlapse Workshop

In Front of Luna De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On the 5th of April we will gather in front of the Luna building for this activity. We will set out together to create time- and hyperlapses in Eindhoven. Timelapses are made by viewing the film frames of your video at a faster rate than what they were recorded at. Hyperlapses work with the same...Continue Reading "Time/Hyperlapse Workshop"

Sunset Photography

In Front of Luna De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On Tuesday evening on the 31st of May we plan to head out again for some landscape photography. Together we will go to the heather and take some pictures as the sun sets. We will meet at the university at 20:00 sharp and take the bike to our destination, which is the “Stratumse Heide.” Be...Continue Reading "Sunset Photography"

Schatje in Turkije

DM Studio (Luna -1.398) De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

The summer holiday is coming and to already get some summer vibes, this month the ‘Schatje in Turkije’ activity (means babe in Turkey) will take place. During the activity we will practice on how to make the best holiday pictures with a little cringe twist to it. The activity will take place in the studio...Continue Reading "Schatje in Turkije"

Modeling activity (members only)

In Front of Luna De Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

In tonight’s activity we will be working as photographers and as models! It’s the perfect chance to learn how to communicate to your subjects what works and what doesn’t, learn how to be more comfortable in front of a camera and of course to get some good instagram pictures taken. We will have a few...Continue Reading "Modeling activity (members only)"