The History of ESFF Dekate Mousa

Dekate Mousa means the Tenth Muse in Greek, which refers to the nine muses: the nine personifications of the sciences and the arts. In 1960 ESFF Dekate Mousa was founded by film amateurs who were members of the student association ESC. The movies they produced were watched by many other students, but only in private circles as the movies would not pass the moral (catholic) standards at the time to be shown in public. In 1966 the members decided to start the production on “Boter, kaas en eieren”, a movie starring a garage owner as James Klont. The movie was finished only in 1969 and was a big hit among the students. The parody on James Bond was shot on 8mm cameras in and around the buildings of the TU/e (then called THE), and even the minister of Foreign Affairs can be seen for a short moment in his office in The Hague. You can watch the movie below.

Boter Kaas en Eieren (1969)